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Rapper Nelly To Perform For All-Male Audience In Saudi Arabia

American rapper Nelly is scheduled to perform in Saudi Arabia next month, and only men are allowed to purchase tickets and attend.

The rapper, famous for songs like “Hot in Herre” and “Country Grammar,” will perform alongside Algerian singer Cheb Khaled in a Dec. 14 concert in Jiddah.

Public activities like concerts and sporting events have traditionally been heavily restricted in the Saudi kingdom. The country’s newly established General Entertainment Authority has worked to promote leisure activities in recent months with a budget of roughly $3 billion.

Nelly is set to perform in Saudi Arabia in December.

As of June, there had been more than 3,000 public events in 2017, up from just 300 the entire previous year, according to the GEA.

The kingdom’s strict morality laws, which enforce prohibitions on alcohol, gender segregation and modest clothing, present some challenges to the GEA’s push. September marked the first time women in Saudi Arabia were allowed into the national stadium alongside men. Women still cannot attend certain events, like the upcoming concert with Nelly and a show earlier this year that featured country music star Toby Keith.

Even with an all-male audience, non-Saudi entertainers can face some obstacles in the content they’re allowed to perform. A co-ed hip-hop dance group called iLuminate reportedly had to adjust their costumes and moves for a performance in Riyadh.

Keith, whose hits include “Whiskey Girl” and “I Love This Bar,” said he was told not to perform songs about drinking, marijuana or sex. “There were only four or five things that I could play that were famous,” he told The Atlantic.

Nelly’s single “Hot in Herre” references alcohol and repeatedly instructs women to “take off all your clothes.”

The rapper’s scheduled performance in Jiddah has drawn criticism from some Saudis, who are pointing on social media to a recent rape allegation made against him, according to The Associated Press.

Nelly was arrested in October after a woman accused the rapper of raping her on his tour bus. The woman subsequently told police she wished to cease the investigation, and Nelly was not charged with a crime.

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Messy Tye – 4 The Love

1st video off Tye’s recent project, Messarounds. Today is Thanksgiving and the meaning behind it comes to grips with the reality we see daily within our community and family. Tye tells his side of the spectrum when it comes to being back in the heart of his city, Providence, RI and attempts to give back and restore the feeling the city once felt. Hip Hop is still alive. Shout out to the legendary Freddie Joachim. Filmed And Edited By Ronald Jusayan

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My interview with Messy Tye happened over FaceTime one November 2016 night.  I sat at my dining room table with a pen and pad ready but quickly realized I wouldn’t need either because my voice recorder helped me keep the natural flow of conversation (however, eventually, my OCD took over, and I needed to write down some key facts throughout the interview.)  Tye does not waste or mince words.  He thoroughly explains his perspective but always makes sure his listener understands it from theirs as well.  Our conversation took a natural, close-to-home feel.  He appeared on-screen with no visible background, very vibrant, and with an all-teeth smile, “Beloved, how are you!?” he asked genuinely and our talk started.

Raptivist. old soul. urban legend
Twitter: @MessyTye

When did you fall in love with rap / hiphop?:  I would say that rap has always been close to me.  My mother would play Eric B and Rakim.  I remember tapes.  There was a vibe you’d get from having a tape in your hand.  CD’s too.  If you had the tape AND the CD it meant you were an avid supporter.  My dad would always drive around in new cars with sound systems playing their songs.  Certain songs remind me of this time.  Certain rhythms, flows and melodies would stick with me and a lot of that music was rap. That feeling I would get listening to this music always stuck with me. 

When did you begin to take rapping seriously?:  My Dad got married when I was 8.  It was the first time I had been to a wedding that I can remember.  it was very lavish with an expensive cake, birds in a cage… The whole nine. I was dancing on the dance floor and set the party off.  It was around that time I realized that I really liked music.  The feeling of making everyone there  happy (mind you I had money thrown at me at that party!) turned into me doing poetry and writing rhymes like the music I heard growing up.  It was in my 3rd grade class I began writing without curse words.  That shaped how I rhyme today.  I began performing my 8th grade year.  I got involved in Music One in Providence, RI.  I  attended their after school program in which we learned about recording and music as an art. We could only record positive tracks and I remember performing in a gymnasium full of people and I had to perform with a singer about being drug free.  

Did you have someone who pushed you through different things?  I had to learn a lot of things on my own.  This helped me get a better understanding of myself.  It brings me back to a time where I lived in Connecticut with my dad.  Spruce is someone I met from Springfield MA. while staying with my dad.  Spruce and I did a fashion / talent show.  Nobody really talked to me at this school, then i started getting in with the after school program, teamed up with Spruce and actually won the talent show.  I’m reminded of this every time I perform because it was something that really pushed me to be comfortable on stage and with myself.  My mom raised 6 children on her own.  I felt pushed aside for certain things but never lacked understanding.  I had to go through a lot to realize my potential in music

What is a positive vibe to you?   A non-judgmental environment.  It’s all about the vibe.  I’m reminded of Free Spirit (Messy Tye’s first project release, dropped in 2014, which he credits for helping him find his vibe.)  I truly feel that project is a gem and will withstand the test of time but It helped a lot in many creative and professional ways.  I was going through an issue which was not normal for a typical 18/19 year old so I had a lot to get out and write about.  I wanted to spread my message to people and the timing was perfect.  It’s always been about the vibes.

“I felt ashamed about it, finding out the way I found out.  But at the same time I never forgot what my goal was since 8 years old.  I still remembered my place as far as where I stood and where I wanted to go”  

An example of a positive vibe is when I performed with Rakim and was able to have my mom meet him.  

“My introduction to rap was the same person I was able to introduce to my mom.  

That moment was my way of letting her know that I know what I’m doing.  I think that’s when she knew.”

How Did You Get Your Name?  Messy Mya is who inspired my name.  He was a YouTube rapper / comedian at the time and I saw Nicki Minaj and Chad Ochocinco sending condolences on Twitter for his death.  I researched him and learned all about him.   I was about to have a kid at the same time as him, mine being born only a month later than his so I had a connection to him.  He was an organic individual.  This resonated with me because again, I only learned about this man after his death.  His life helped me learn how to be the most inspirational person I could be.  

“The representation Messy Tye meant to me at the time still feels the same today.”  

Messy means to be yourself.  There’s art that looks Messy but when you really concentrate on it, it’s art.  You can’t put a label on it.   I promised myself that as long as I have the Messy name, I will represent self love and confidence and not forget where I got it from…  I really feel like I owe a lot to Messy Mya.  The Messy brand allows me to be who I am naturally.

What are your plans for the near future?  Just keep working out here in California.  I always knew LA would be perfect for me.  There is so much room for someone like myself.  Things back home would always pop up and give me reminders of California.  I would listen to The Fresh Prince theme  and Weezer “Beverly Hills” just to catch the vibe.  There’s a lot of things we don’t have access to on the East Coast that they do on the West Coast in terms of music.  The opportunities are endless. 

 “I got to get out here and be where I wanted to be.  I never knew when I’d get out here but I wrote it in my songs and started saying things that would make it a reality for me.”  

You have to part ways with where you may be at currently, so you can come back and make positive changes in what you can.  Certain people who have unfortunately passed away have motivated me to know enough to get out while I can and come back and make a positive influence for people going through their daily lives.  Empathizing connects me to the universe. Give people positive energy and not expecting it back works for me.  

Anything to wrap up with?  “Where I come from is a true representation of my roots.  I have to do everything in my power to keep everything that’s growing from where I came from watered and flowering through every season.  Because even though the seasons change the ground we walk on is still the state we come from.”

“Stay loyal to the soil”.  

“I’m devoted to the craft.  Word to Jimi Hendrix” 

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New Mixtape’Roll Ya Own’ No.1 – Black Friday Deal

Alot of wanna be artist we speak to has a huge MIS-UNDERSTANDING about how this business works. Most artist actullay believe the BS they see in the magazines, or any of the many 'groupie' inspired blogs. 98% of those very popular places are created to do one, and one thing only. "KEEP YOU STUPID" because, "a stupid consumer is the best consumer."  With all of that said, we have decided to assist the artist who have no marketing money to spend on their project and no connections to get their music heard or their video seen. Free video Distribution Marketing Speialist: @HaitianRemo sees and hears it every day, artist have music, ideas, and a lot of Jordans but, No Marketing Funds. This is the best we can do to help ou get your music to the world. Do not miss this opportunity. Place your single on a Mixtape that will be promoted and marketed worldwide. Mixtape No.2 will be released in 30 days, and another release of an additional mixtape every 30 days after that, featuring the hottest new independent artist in the world. Already submissions have come from London, Dubi, New York, Atlanta and North Carolina. The best submissions will be selected to be on the compilation CD distributed for sale in over 1240 digital stores and mobile sites worldwide. Only 10 slots available on each release.

Gucci Mane

vLaunchpad:  Is a free music video promotional channel streaming worldwide on all devices from #OPMSTREAMS Digital Network. To get your music video on the playlist you must first become a membeer of the network, then you will be able to use our 'uploader' to send your video directly us to be added to the playlist. New videos added daily. 

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Casanova | REVOLT Unlocked (Full Episode)

As one of the few rappers whose art is an actual reflection of his true life experiences, Casanova spent much of his adult life in and out of jail for robbery and other crimes.Things began looking up In 2016 when Casanova was discovered by Memphis Bleek and signed to Warehouse/Roc Nation. He continued his ascent after releasing 'Tax Letter, 'The Old 50,' and more.Now Casanova continues to propel forward, leaving his former life of crime behind him. Stay connected.

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About REVOLT.TV : Launched by Sean "Diddy" Combs, REVOLT.TV is the #1 name in music. Focused on expertly curating the best of the best in music and engaging youth in social conversation, the multi-genre, multi-platform network offers breaking music news, videos, artist interviews, exclusive performances, and original programming. Artists REVOLT.TV covers include: Drake, Chance the Rapper, Jay-Z, French Montana, Lil Wayne, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Future, Rick Ross, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lil Yachty, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Solange, and many more.

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August Alsina $55,000.00
K Michelle $45,000.00
Charlie Wilson $225,000.00
Jeremih $40,000.00
Joe $45,000.00
Keith Sweat $65,000.00
Fantasia $75,000.00
Maxwell $250,000.00
KC & JoJo $45,000.00
Anthony Hamilton $65,000.00
Jill Scott $150,000.00
Tank $25,000.00
Chris Brown $350,000.00+
Tyrese $85,000.00
Donnell Jones $16,500.00
Jagged Edge $20,000.00

Metro Boomin $27,500.00
Joseph Sikora (Tommy Power) $16,500.00
LaLa $16,500.00
Allen Iverson $17,500.00
Omari Hardwick Call
Tiffany Haddish $20,000.00
Keyshia Kaoir $16,500.00

Katt Williams $125,000.00
Rickey Smiley $35,000.00
Bruce Bruce $22,500.00
Lavell Crawford $35,000.00
Mike Epps $65,000.00
Cedric the Entertainer $55,000.00
DL Hughley $45,000.00
DeRay Davis $25,000.00
Monique $30,000.00

Charlie Wilson $250,000.00
Patti Labelle $125,000.00
Chaka Khan $100,000.00
Smokie Robinson $150,000.00
Earth Wind & Fire $275,000.00
Stokely Williams 22,500.00
Frankie Beverly & Maze $120,000.00
Lil Kim $25,000.00
Gladys Knight $85,000.00
The O’Jays $75,000.00

*Artist price may change at anytime
** Prices DO NOT include travel and rider
***All prices are based on US bookings
Please contact your agent for more artists.

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Jay-Z Stops Concert To Give Empowering Message To 9-Year-Old Girl


Jay-Z interrupted his own show to deliver some inspirational advice to a young girl in the audience.

The rapper paused his “4:44 Tour” stop at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sunday to tell an unidentified 9-year-old that she could be “anything that you want to be in the world.”

At this very moment, America is way more sexist than they are racist,” he said. “But you, young lady, you got the potential to be the next president of the United States. You believe that.” Video of his address is now going viral.


Jay-Z used part of his performance at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena last week to issue a similar positive message.


There’s a lot going on in the world right now,” he said, per The Tennessean. “But I just wanna say one thing, love will always trump hate.”

While the music star didn’t call out President Donald Trump by name with the comment, he has previously criticized Trump and his policies.

In September, Jay-Z told the BBC that Trump was “a joke.” “I can’t even say with all due respect, with all disrespect,” he added.

Trends Editor, HuffPost

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World’s first smart blockchain for music. A digital currency($MUSIC) designed for musicians.

Musicoin is a new generation of cryptocurrency technology, it’s also the first blockchain designed specifically for music (white paper). The blockchain is designed upon existing technologies from Bitcoin, Ethereum and other security measures customized for music licensing, development and consumptions.

Features of Musicoin

Musicoin’s blockchain is POW chain but CPU-friendly. It generates 314 coins per block every 15 seconds to meet the micropayment needs for music consumption. Because there’s no pre-allocated(or pre-mined) funds to the founding members. Instead, 100% of the coins will be mined by the community, starting from genesis.

Smart Contract

With smart contract technology, Musicoin can run a special machine code called a Pay-Per-Play license (PPP). Every time a track released by a musician is played, whenever and wherever, the license code will be triggered and confirmed by tons of other users. This code snippet will soon become the most executed transaction because the enjoyment of music will back the whole Musicoin economy, aka Musiconomy. Since music consumption,eventually, will be bonded to coin(s) in transaction, the whole economy will prone to stable.In this way,Musicoin will become a global currency really flow sentimental interactions universally.



Musicoin Loves Musicians

Musicoin’s value is backed by music consumption, thus musicians are definitely the top driven force of using the technology. “Musicoin will bring a level of transparency and fairness to the music industry”,said – Alan Cross A Journal Of Musical Things , “ that has never been seen before! It has the potential to completely change the way we consume music.” Many musicians welcome this new technologies with preparing their content to release to Musicoin system.

#Musicoin Ecosystem

Musicoin is fully open-sourced project with clear road map, not only to musicians, we welcome all developers join to contribute and make it universal. While musicians releasing their musical works, developers can create fantastic applications and gadgets to make music flow through every devices and eventually make the whole system a sustainable realm. Other artists can also find great satisfaction around the core model of this system, many value-added ideas can be realized upon the system. The only limitation will be imagination.


Official Musicoin TV Channel

Musicoin is proud to announce Musicoin TV, a video channel dedicated to promote upcoming and existing indie artists on Musicoin. Studio sessions, artist interviews, and project promotions will be the main topic highlights on our channel. Daniel Lawton, the new addition to the Musicoin team, will be managing Musicoin TV on both YouTube and Steemit platform. He has past experience in developing a similar video channel to promote local musicians in the UK, known as ACTV.

First episode on $MTV: Alchemy

Isaac Mao, Founder of Musicoin, has expressed his interest on this initiative, “Musicoin TV is an excellent initiative that fully aligns with our project’s long-term goal to serve and promote indie musicians from anywhere around the globe. As we soon see, musical creativity will flourish under an open and borderless platform. Our message to all music communities is that any musicians who are passionate about their work can be a part of this exciting initiative. The high-quality production of Musicoin TV’s early episodes will lead to a new chapter in $MUSIC Blockchain and ecosystem. I believe Daniel will be the right fit for the job.”

Our first episode has been released, you may check it out at

Musicoin ($MUSIC) is a smart cryptocurrency & music licensing platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Artists, industry associates, and music listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at

Thank you for your continuing support!

–The Musicoin Project

For all media, interview and other inquiries, please contact:
Andre Xu, Chief Spokesperson, Musicoin Project
T: @musicoins

White Paper:
Join us:

Useful links

Find musicoin in above channels, and feel free to ask any questions. Welcome to Musicoin realm and let’s rock the music industry with cryptocurrency, together.