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POWER 50 Cent & DJ Strategy

BIO: Dj Strategy's unorthodox style of mixing has earned him a spot along side of the top DJ entertainers in the nation. His high impact style and trade mark sound "allgasnobrakes" is also a way of life. "Never get comfortable always push harder and strive to do better"

Strategic Entertainment Promotions is a full service publicity, marketing and promotions company, founded with the purpose to serve an array of clients that are looking to expand their presence in the marketplace. Our clients are looking to generate airplay, publicity, booking or retail sales in multifaceted environments. Since its inception, Strategic Entertainment Promotions has serviced National Organizations, Entertainment Executives, businesses, writers and a host of others. Invited to speak on industry topics, marketing strategies and professional journalism, the firm has educated those in the business and entertainment communities, locally and across the nation.

DJ Strategy Mixshow Radio DJ at WPEG - Radio - Power 98

((BOOK THE #1 DJ RIGHT NOW )) FOLLOW HIM AT WWW.TWITTER.COM/DJSTRATEGY1 In an age where anyone with a few rap mp3's and a microphone can call themselves a DJ, North Carolina's #1 mixtape DJ has made his mark as an authentic turntable technician. With a background in engineering and production, The NC-resident is known for knocking listeners over the head with his provocative blends, incomparable knack for mixing & scratching and exotic playlists. Not afraid to embrace technology while refusing to abandon traditional DJ techniques, DJ Strategy has reached millions via mixtapes, parties, pod-casting, national & international collaborations, and grassroots promotion. Arguably one of the most underrated DJ's, DJ Strategy recently unveiled the first volume of his mixtape series The Hood Is Listening to critical acclaim. Nicknamed 'Strat McNasty' 

Creating and officially releasing your own style of compilation is a terrific way to network and to share your skills, improve your abilities and develop your relationships with your musician friends, community and fans. With any compilation you contribute to, you will be introduced to a new group of artists. The more musically diverse the artists on the compilation are, the more potential there is to reach a new and broader audience. You may even end up working with other musicians on the album to form new projects and discover new playing opportunities. Promo stage will be establishing a compilation record release party to mingle with new fans, musicians, labels, booking agents, producers etc. Our Compilation projects which are in some way community oriented will usually bring positive opportunities for collaboration.

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What motivates you?

Making a compilation can seem like a monumental task. To be able to survive the process, it helps to know what motivates you. How did the concept get started and what motivated OPM Streams to work and invest our time into such a challenging project? We had gotten to a point in our career as a musicians where we began to become skeptical of our own path as a songwriter/musician/producer and needed to do something else within the scene that wasn’t focused on our own songs and performances. One night at an open-stage we heard a friend playing a song and began imagining all the possible arrangements that could go with it and so we decided to invite our friend over and they made a straightforward recording with a simple arrangement. Our team then realized how much we enjoyed working on someone else’s music and also that working with a playful attitude and light atmosphere seemed to bring our creativity back to life. Working on other people’s music opened us back up. After this realization we sought out musicians throughout the scene who’s music we felt would challenge our production abilities and be a nice fit for the " Promo Stage Compilation " project.

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Executive producer in the production is OPM STREAMS INC. who handles celebrity bookings, big and small.  Securing talent for concert productions, domestic and international. Producing content for worldwide digital consumption is the company's main business to date. Omnipresent at its best.

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