Will ensure that your music & video assets are being fully optimized and distributed! We are proud to offer our Complete Distribution Portfolio to all of our licensors which includes Digital Distribution, Digital Streaming, Synchronization for Film, TV and Businesses, Global Publishing, Content Identification & Monetization, Product Compilations & Licensing, In-Store Media, Video Monetization, Global Sub-Licensing, Domestic & International Performance Rights Registration, Management & Collections, Metadata Construction, Reformatting & Correction, Disc-On-Demand Manufacturing and much more! Contact us and we’ll review your archive to see how we can help optimize your distribution portfolio to its fullest potential!


Music Distribution: All major digital retailers, all major broadcasters, sub-licensees, music supervisors for film and TV, advertising and commercial agencies, synch brokers, monetization brokers, sub-publishers, video game licensees, performance rights organizations, distributors, production libraries, labels and more.


Radio Airplay:  OPM STREAMS /MUSIC has been establishing enterprise relationships with most of the top internet, mobile, satellite and cable broadcast providers and aggregators in the world. Get your music played and get paid!

Synchronization: Independent sync agents, brokers, music supervisors, film editors and production music libraries. OPM STREAMS /MUSIC manages your sync rights portfolio & your performance rights for all global broadcasts and synchronizations


Global Sub-Licensing: Your music distribution success is dependent on worldwide sales. We’ll manage your international distribution and licensing portfolio to ensure that your music is seen, heard and sold!


Publishing: OPM STREAMS /MUSIC is proud to offer a publishing partner portfolio that utilizes some of the most significant agents, brokers, music supervisor databases and aggregator's in the world.


Content Identification: OPM STREAMS /MUSIC and its CiD affiliates offer complete one-stop Content Identification services on behalf of our label partners. We’ll register, reformat, submit, monitor, monetize, collect, and manage all aspects of quality control including counter-claims and systematic protection of your legal rights for all your sound recordings.


Video Monetization: OPM STREAMS /MUSIC audiovisual distribution team will provide full optimization, protection, processing and monetization on most major DMS partner video sites.


CD Manufacturing: OPM STREAMS /MUSIC is an Enterprise Partner with Amazon’s On-Demand CD Manufacturing, Printing & Distribution service and allows our label partners to enjoy both traditional and digital distribution methods—all with no extra costs or chargebacks.


Album Compilations: OPM STREAMS /MUSIC  Has a dedicated product development and A&R team that works directly with our label partners to ensure that the sound recording compilations are of the highest quality.


Our Service Team Will Help Get It Right!

The digital landscape is changing every day. Around the world, criminals are stealing, bootlegging, pirating, and plagiarizing music content at an alarming rate. If your music content was formatted prior to 2014, your master track information may not be up to today’s standards and may be vulnerable (these standards change every year). In addition, many labels and artists have very little information regarding copyright law, protection, infringement, and double-claiming, which complicates matters worse. You may also be experiencing sluggish sales due to improper metadata formatting, music & artwork guidelines, and incorrect registrations with retailers and Performance Rights Organizations. It’s our job to help simplify these matters for you. Once we become your distributor, exclusively or non-exclusively, we’ll assist you with these matters to ensure that your assets are not only optimized for sales, they’ll also be protected around the world.


We’re looking forward to listening to your music and distributing your products around the world. Are you ready to get your music distributed around the world? It’s easy as 1-2-3 and takes only 5 minutes to get started!



If you have questions, we have answers! The most important element is to work with a distributor that is not automated: a distributor that will actually listen to your music, inspect & reformat all your metadata by hand, build album compilations featuring your music, and deploy your music into the largest distribution network in the world. Get plugged in to your Complete Distribution Portfolio with our team at OPM STREAMS /MUSIC!